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What Is Hydra Nation And What Does It Mean For Natural Curly Hair?

Hydra Nation is a group dedicated to going against tradition and finding new ways to moisturize your curly hair. What do you normally do when your curly hair is dry? You probably put an oil-based product on it. But does that really solve your problem? Is it really working? Let’s think about it; oils or any oil-based product is usually used as a barrier to block moisture, like water, or as a lubricant. If we want to retain moisture, that obviously involves water. So isn't using oil a contradiction? After all, oil and water don’t mix. By using an oil-based product on your hair, you are getting a temporary result that may smooth flyaways, but it also repels the moisture your hair is thirsty for — water. That contradiction is exactly what we decided to solve with our curly hair product, Hydra. Hydra Nation started in our salon where people will hair of all types had their locks hydrated - and we don’t want to go back to our old ways! At Hydra, our talented stylists quench your hair’s thirst through our patent pending hydration technique, which locks in hydration to improve your curls. The whole concept is based on giving your curly hair what it needs: water!

The Healthy And Beautiful Natural Curly Hair You Want

When we created our product and tried it on our own hair, we were amazed at the results! Our discovery gave us the hair that we’d always dreamed of. It also made our curly natural hair easier to maintain without spending hours in front of the mirror.

We realized that we had achieved our goal: a product that made our curly hair feel healthier and look beautiful. After that, we decided to share our discovery with our friends, families, and clients, and Hydra Nation was born. Since 2013, we’ve been spreading the word about Hydra and helping women and men get the hair they’ve always wanted.

What Does Natural Curly Hair Really Want?

The biggest thing curly hair needs is balance — just like everything else in life. Curly natural hair requires a balance of protein and moisture. Your hair is made of protein, so the missing factor is moisture. Just remember, when it comes to your curly natural hair, "water is the Ying to protein’s Yang."

After a lot of research and testing various prototypes, we realized that our hair needed a source of natural moisture, like water. And water does more than just moisturize. It also hydrates, and that’s exactly what we wanted our hair product to accomplish. The final result was Hydra; a product that lets your hair regain its natural balanced.

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