Treat Your Natural Hair This Holiday Season

It’s time for the winter holidays and you know what that means – parties, events, and celebrations galore! As you’re enjoying this festive time of year, here at Hydra Hair Care, we also want you to get the most from your natural hair. Whether it’s curly or straight, short or long, throughout the holidays we want to help you let your hair shine through so that every holiday picture is a beautiful memory you can cherish forever.

The Joy of Curly Hair

curly hair
Curly hair is amazing. It’s the most common type of hair on the planet and it’s very versatile. Unfortunately, many people with curly hair don’t f...

South Florida’s Homegrown Curly Hair Solution

Best Curly Hair Product in South Florida
When you consider things that make Florida special, you probably think about juicy oranges and beautiful beaches. How about women with gorgeous curly hair? It might not make your top ten list, but if you use The Curlformer by Hydra Hair Care, it’s your number one.

Best Curly Hair Products For You!

Best Curly hair Product - hydra Hair care
There are a lot of different curly hair products on the market. Walk into any beauty store, and you’ll be overwhelmed with creams and gels from around the globe. Many of these contain hip and trendy ingredients like Moroccan Argan oil, fruit fusions, and coconut milk. All of these look great on a label, but do they really do anything for your curls? Let’s take a look at these ingredients and find the best curly hair products for you.

Rock Your Natural Hair

Rock Your Natural Hair

The natural hair look has never been more in. We see celebrities like Alicia Keys, Solange Knowles, and even Michelle Obama looking gorgeous while wearing their hair naturally. There’s just something about rocking your natural hair that makes you feel free and empowered