Best Curly Hair Products For You!

There are a lot of different curly hair products on the market. Walk into any beauty store, and you’ll be overwhelmed with creams and gels from around the globe. Many of these contain hip and trendy ingredients like Moroccan Argan oil, fruit fusions, and coconut milk..... All of these look great on a label, but do they really do anything for your curls?



Let’s take a look at these ingredients and find the best curly hair products for you.



We’ll start with Argan oil and curly hair products that contain any type of oil. When it comes to curly hair, oil isn’t the answer. Oil only sits on top of your hair and creates a layer over your hair that water can’t penetrate. These products also make claims about how moisturizing they can be, but by locking out water they actually limit the amount of water your hair can absorb. This can lead to tangles and breaks – the exact problems the products say they eliminate.


If not oils, could fruit fusions be the best curly hair products? Unfortunately not.


While products that boast fruit fusion blends may be all the rage, the only thing they’re giving your hair is a nice smell. If you really want to use fruit to make a difference to your curls, eat it. The nutrition will help your skin and hair look more luminous and healthy. But using it directly on your hair? Unless you really like the smell, skip it.


Now that we know oils and fruit fusions aren’t the best curly hair products, let’s look at coconut milk.


Coconut milk claims to have loads of benefits. It’s rich in fat and lauric acid, and contains iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and protein among other components. Sounds good, right? The problem is that it seals your hair, just like oil. So while coconut milk has a lot going for it, it’s just not useful on curls. And just like fruit, you’ll get more benefits by consuming it rather than putting it on your hair.


So, if the best curly hair products don’t use oils, fruits, or coconuts, what should people with curly hair look for?


One word: Hydration. Right now, there’s only one product on the market that’s water-based and that is The Curlformer by Hydra Hair Care. This unique product is all about hydration. Instead of relying on gimmicks, it’s based on science. Curly hair desperately needs hydration to do its thing and look its best and that’s exactly what you get with The Curlformer. When you use this product, your hair will get they hydration it needs and your look will last for days.


If you’ve been looking for the best curly hair products, The Curlformer is exactly what you need. Order it today and give your curls a chance to look their best.