South Florida’s Homegrown Curly Hair Solution

When you consider things that make Florida special, you probably think about juicy oranges and beautiful beaches.

How about women with gorgeous curly hair? It might not make your top ten list, but if you use The Curlformer by Hydra Hair Care, it’s your number one.


Having curly hair in a humid environment like South Florida can be a challenge. And the usual drug store products are full of ingredients that can’t really help, like oils.


When faced with this dilemma, the founders of Hydra Hair Care decided to create their own solution – a curly hair product that hydrates curls and protects them from the environment without adding a lot of oils or chemicals that will weight them down.


This was no easy task. After working with a chemist for months and going through eleven different formulas, their efforts finally paid off and The Curlformer was born. 


The Curlformer is unlike any other curly hair product. Instead of having a petroleum base like most products, it’s all about the water.


Scientifically, water has a smaller molecule than oil, which allows water to fully penetrate hair whereas oil has a larger molecule and just sits over it. This means that by using water as the main ingredient, your hair won’t get weighed down and won’t feel greasy, but will have an incredible amount of lift and bounce.


When you use The Curlformer, your color will shine through, your curls will bounce, and you won’t have to worry about frizz or your hair falling flat as soon as you step out the door. The Curlformer also protects your hair in between washes so you can have the Wow Effect every time you pass a mirror.


And by delivering so much hydration into your curly hair, you’ll also have less tangles and breaking – both of which happen when your hair is too dry.  


The Curlformer really is a revolutionary product for people in Miami and around the world. It delivers unprecedented amounts of hydration into curly hair, it brings out the curls, and it can give you the great hair you’ve always dreamed of. It’s truly different from what we’ve had to use in the past and gives you the freedom to have fun with your hair again or for the first time. While it may be a South Florida creation, it can help people everywhere take better care of their curly hair.


Have you been struggling with your curls? End the battle and order The Curlformer today!