Treat Your Natural Hair This Holiday Season

It’s time for the winter holidays and you know what that means – parties, events, and celebrations galore! As you’re enjoying this festive time of year, here at Hydra Hair Care, we also want you to get the most from your natural hair.

Whether it’s curly or straight, short or long, throughout the holidays we want to help you let your hair shine through so that every holiday picture is a beautiful memory you can cherish forever.

Imagine the scene – you’re at the office holiday party. Everyone is having a great time and you just finished the gift exchange. What’s next? The group photo. As everyone gets into position, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. Luckily for you, you’ve already started using The Curlformer.

So instead of picking your hair up or pulling it to the side, you can rock your natural hair and have the biggest smile in the office.

Here’s how it works. The Curlformer is a revolutionary product that’s unlike anything you’ll find in stores. It starts as a gel, but as you rub it in your hands, you’ll see that it changes into a cream. Once you begin to apply it to your wet hair, you’ll see that it once again changes into a mousse. This way you can have one simple product that suits all of your needs.

The real secret to activating The Curlformer is water.

Natural hair needs hydration.

It’s desperate for it, but with so many products that use oil (which repels water), your hair ends up looking flat. The Curlformer is water-based so it can draw in even more hydration as you work it into your hair. To apply, start with wet, clean hair.

Then, rub The Curlformer between your hands and scrunch it into your hair. If your natural hair is curly, keep working it through and then either allow your hair to air dry or use a defuser.

If your hair is straight, work the product through and dry with a hairdryer. Regardless of your hair type, The Curlformer will make your hair look shinier and healthier.

Tis the season to embrace your natural hair… with a little help from The Curlformer. And if you’re looking for the perfect present for your friends and family, look no further. After all, what better gift is there than the gift of beautiful, shiny, natural hair ?