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Are you ready to take your skills and business to the next level?


Presented by Hydra Hair Care Business-Building Workshops for SALON PROFESSIONALS.

JULY 21-23, 2019

This Nationwide interactive 3-day workshop is a hands-on experience that's designed for salons, independent stylists and salon sales professionals who want to…

  • Increase their confidence, business and income

  • Advance their knowledge and gain hands-on experience about the proper hydration, care and styling of natural curls

  • Learn to identity their clients’ REAL curl patterns

  • Use this prestigious title to highlight their expert status and expand their business

  • Discover how to make more money behind the chair with add-on services and referral business

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Why Hydra?

Hydra2O products give naturally curly hair what it really wants!

The most important thing that curly hair needs is balance — just like everything else in life. Curly natural hair requires a balance of protein and moisture. Your hair is made of protein, so the missing factor is moisture. Just remember, when it comes to your curly natural hair, "water is the Ying to protein’s Yang."




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what they’re saying

""This product gives my hair so much definition and seals in the moisture. My Curl and Define typically lasts a week. It can not be applied like your typical gel...I have to add a lot of water to rake it through but I love my results." "

— Lynette Johnson

““I've been using this product since October 2017 and it works wonders! It truly allows me to have wash and go hair. I have to buy 3 to 4 jars at a time. I purchased three jars the first time and those lasted me about 10 months. "

— British Wagya

""I love this product. I make sure that I have very wet hands as I rub a small amount of Hydra in my palms very well. Then I apply it to small sections of my hair. I never apply Hydra without first rubbing it in my palms very well. This avoids the crunchy feeling in my hair. " "

— Paulette J Delk

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- real results -

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