How it works?

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Myth: Oil is good for curly hair.

Oil is heavier than water, so applying oil to the hair creates a barrier that blocks water from getting through. This is useful when hair is straightened and you’re trying to keep humidity out. But due to the shape of curly hair - the cuticles can’t stay flat - it’s very quick to dry out and get frizzy.

When hair is wet (a.k.a. fully hydrated)…

  • it’s not frizzy

  • its curly pattern is defined

  • it’s elongated

  • it’s shiny

Curly hair needs continuous hydration all-day, every day. That’s where our Hydragel Technology comes in…

THE CURLFORMER Super Hydrating Styling Gel is formulated to collect and lock in exactly the right amount of hydration that curly hair needs. It creates a seal that locks in water and doesn't let it evaporate as quickly as other products. The curl pattern & length you see when the hair is wet, remains the curl pattern & length you see when the hair is dry.

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