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Hydra Curlformer a unique styling gel that locks in water, defining curly hair, giving balance and luminous shine to all hair textures without compromising the integrity of the hair and to create long term healthy hair.

It’s a one of a kind product that goes from gel, cream to mousse to create curls while locking moisture in your hair. Moisture is water “NOT OIL”.  Curlformer is OIL FREE, water-base gel that works great and moisturizes all hair textures.


Hydra Curlformer Key Benefits:

Defines all curl textures wavy, curly, and kinky

Hydrates all hair textures loose to tight curls.

Ultra-shiny on the hair

Long-term Hydration by locking water in hair

Long-term manageability, movability, and bouncy

Combat Frizz and No Flakes

Easy slip as it Elongates each strand of hair.

Promotes healthier hair

Dries fast and it enhance hair color

Used as edge control

Transforms into a mousse for roller and rod set, blowouts for body and bounce.

Gel transform from cream to mousse with water

Kid friendly

How To Apply:

Applying Hydra is easy, just follow these steps and discover how amazing your hair is going to look afterwards.

Step 1: shampoo your hair to remove excess oil and build ups

Step 2:  condition hair for softness

Step 3: add a little water to the hair and work it in

Step 4: rinse out conditioner completely

Step 5: don't towel dry your hair, apply Hydro Curlformer directly to wet dripping hair making sure you apply to the end first

Step 6: notice that you aren't dropping water since Hydro Curlformer locked in the water. After applying all smooth each section down, with a motion to create curls and style how you desire.

Drying Tip: for drying you can air dry to give your hair more volume and curl enhancement

Curlformer Ingredients:  Water, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Spirulina, Kelp Water soluble -Dimethicone.